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Hemp Seed Oil and Skin Care ...


At Kogi Naturals we all LOVE P.O.T! I know that sounds funny but, we love P.O.T for so many reasons. As I am sure you all know, we called this P.O.T because it is formulated with the ever amazing Hemp Seed Oil. But, what does P.O.T stand for, you ask? Purely Organic Treatment - and that is exactly what it is. Try this little miracle in a bottle and you will be hooked! So why Hemp Seed Oil? What is all the rage about? Let me share the secret with you ...

Hemp Seed Oil is a great non-clogging oil that helps to reduce the size of your pores, it minimizes blackheads, helps to heal acne, protects the skin from free radicals and provides the body with essential nutrients required to maintain epidermal lipids. It also offers your skin a water barrier, increases elasticity and softness. In addition to all of the already listed benefits ... Hemp Seed Oil has anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce redness and is highly recommended for those who suffer with psoriasis and eczema. 

It is easy to tell you about all of the benefits but, believe me - my whole family uses P.O.T and loves every single product so we really can attest to it! My son who is 16 yrs old suffers from acne has been using the Hemp Complexion Bar to reduce the redness, swelling and breakouts associated with his adolescent acne - we stand by this product 110%. My husband uses the P.O.T Face Cream as an aftershave and has not had a shaving rash since he started using it. He also loves the P.O.T Hand and Body Lotion to cure his dry skin and fight off static. For me, the P.O.T Face Cream is a little miracle in a bottle. It reduces puffiness, redness and simply calms my facial skin. I dare you to try the P.O.T Line - you will be hooked! 

Thank you for reading today's post. If you have any questions you can always reach me at mel@koginaturals.com ... I am here to help or answer any skin care questions that you might have! As always, remember to BE NATURAL. BE BEAUTIFUL. BE YOU!

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