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Find Comfort & Joy with Vanilla and ....


It's that time of year again! There is a crisp in the air, the leaves have begun to fall and the days are closing in on us. We are quickly changing out our wardrobes from airy tank tops to comfy sweaters, trading out our shorts for cozy jeans and tossing aside the flip flops for those stylish boots. But, what are we doing about our skin care regime? If you are anything like me, you are looking to put aside those spring floral scents and opting for something a little more soft, a little more subtle with a tiny bit of warmth. When our very talented Chemist decided to launch our NEW Fall lines, she opted for Vanilla as the base. Why is Vanilla the hot range during this time of year? That question led me to do a little research where I discovered that this amazing ingredient is sought after for many reasons. Did you know that Vanilla has at least 500 Organic compounds that make up its flavour and scent? Scientists have been trying for years to replicate this scent but, have not quite aced it yet. Hence why our Chemist selected only the purest, 100% Natural Vanilla for our newest addition to Kogi. The natural scent of Vanilla is said to calm nerves and soothe the spirit, sounds like a good enough reason to choose Vanilla to me! For all you single ladies or wives who love to drive your man wild ... choose Vanilla. A poll of men were asked what scents they are most drawn to ... you guessed it, Vanilla! Beyond all of this, the Vanilla plant is said to have catechins (also known as polyphenols), these are said to exhibit anti-oxidant activity and serve as anti-inflammatory agents which is why this ingredient is so popular in skin care products. So fall in love with Vanilla this season! Whether you want a warm scent or a deliciously, uplifting scent you can find what you are looking for with our two new lines. We assure you that you will find Comfort in our 100% Natural Vanilla and absolute Joy with our 100% Natural Vanilla Mint. 

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