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Kids Fall for Foaming Wash ....

Well it is that time of year again. With the passing of the summer season and fall having just arrived we are seeing those nasty cold and flu symptoms everywhere. I can attest to this!!! Our little boy just brought home a pesty little virus which he so lovingly shared with the whole family. Having fought really hard and began my recovery from my first cold of the season ... I thought "hmmmm, how can I arm myself so that my family does not stay sick all fall and winter long?" The best answer I could come up with is WASH OUR HANDS. I know you hear it all of the time but, there is truth to it and if your kids are like mine, they do not love washing their hands! I am not sure what is the deal with that but, it is a constant fight and nagging reminders around my house "Did you wash your hands?" ... So fed up with this, I decided to turn away from my standard liquid soap and opted for our foaming wash. Guess what? My 16 year old likes it more than my little guy! And well, my husband seems to enjoy it too. Foaming wash is fun for the whole family. There is something playful about the soft bubbles that fly around the sink as you wash your hands. Whatever the reason, foaming wash really seems to get kids in gear with washing their hands. As quickly as I will recommend foaming wash, I will also add a little caution. Don't just run out and purchase any foaming wash ... many brands on the shelf today are loaded with synthetic chemicals that you do NOT want on you precious little ones skin. Choose a brand that you trust and know is natural, organic, phthalate, paraben and chemical free. At Kogi Naturals we pride ourselves in formulating recipes that are all natural, organic and 100% safe for you and your family. We want your family washing their hands and staying healthy this season so, join our Good-e-Bag and receive your promo code to purchase any foaming wash & refill bundle for $15 (That is a Savings of $16). Choose from La La Vanilla, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary Mint or Mango. Thank you for reading our blog and thank you for taking the time to shop online at Kogi Naturals ... we are really glad you came.    

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